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How To Do A Hand Rubbed Oil Finish

Three steps on how to do a hand rubbed oil finish. I believe woodworkers of all levels turn to an oil finish because it’s a fairly simple finish as well as several other reasons. 1. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.2. You don’t have to worry about bugs, fuzz, dirt or anything else falling on your fresh coat of poly or lacquer.3. It just makes the wood look beautiful. If you’ve read my sanding guide you know I typically sand to 220. An oil finish I sand up to 320 grit with my Bosch random orbit. Let me just say, Bosch makes the best r.o. out there (in the price range) in my opinion. I wet sand oil with mine, drop...

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Avoid Swirl Marks When Sanding With Random Orbit.

Avoid swirl marks with my random orbit sander? I will tell you exactly why and how to avoid swirl marks when sanding with a random orbit sander. You’re sanding too fast, too random, and not working through grits of sand paper properly. I mean, they don’t make so many different grits just because it’s fun, they all serve a purpose.Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. So put your sander down and read these tips on how to avoid the dreaded pig tails. First step: I use 80 grit to strip paint or varnish and stain, or sand raw wood for stock removal. Most of my pieces I can start with 150, you will eventually get a feel for this and know where...

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