About Me

My Story

I was the kid who assembled everything that had “some assembly required” at Christmas, birthdays or any typical day. I knew working with my hands was what I was meant to do. I had various jobs through high school and ended up in construction on my 16th birthday in the summer. I dropped out of school and went to work full time. Growing up poor, I just wanted to help contribute, and that is a whole story in itself. I started my own business at 21 years of age and I worked sun up to sun down 7 days a week. Ice, rain, snow, wind, heat it didn’t matter. If I woke up, I worked. It’s a little different now, as I have learned to slow down and enjoy life.

I started making furniture on the side, and decided to move full time in 2012. I now focus on woodworking and leatherworking. I love the fun designs of the mid century modern era, and that’s what inspires my designs. There’s no job I can’t handle so please always feel free to reach out. I work with my hands, but I put my heart and love into everything I do. I will never send an item I am not happy with. This is my contribution to this world. I am creating pieces that people can enjoy for many years after I am gone. Each made with mindfulness, intention, and love.